Thursday, 12 January 2017

Croydon Roofing Company Discusses Dangers of Winter on a Flat Roof

A flat roof can make a Surrey or Croydon home or commercial establishment look ultra-modern, but along with the aesthetical advantage comes a list of special considerations, especially during winter. While most flat roofs actually have a slight pitch, they can still collect more rain and snow than traditional roofs. This makes them a safety liability whenever the temperature drops. Below is a list of the damages that a harsh winter season can deal to a flat roof:


Snow can accumulate on your flat roof, and this can put a lot of unwanted weight on the structure. This excessive downward pressure can cause the roof to bow, which can lead to ponding under the roof structure. Ponding not only causes wear and tear on the roof materials-it can also hamper the smooth operation of the HVAC and other electrical systems.

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