Sunday, 8 March 2015

Roofing in Surrey and Croydon: Importance of Properly Removing Snow

According to the Met Office, while the U.K. is currently experiencing dry weather, snow and cold weather is coming, and Harry Redhead for reported that: “Forecasters say the cold weather is expected to last throughout March with the country likely to see more frost and snow until April brings warmer temperatures of up to 21C”. This would mean that snow can build up on roofing in Surrey, Croydon, or other areas, and the removal of snow will become a concern.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Pitched and Flat Roofing Systems by Surrey Roofers: Know the Facts

Homeowners who call on local roofers from Surrey firms like Brunwin Professional Roofing Services, Ltd. for a roof replacement or new installation are typically faced with the same dilemma: choosing between a pitched roof and a flat one. Oftentimes, there’s the question of which is the better choice of the two, but if one takes into account every home and building’s unique qualities which may require one of two styles, then a grey area emerges where either one can be a good choice.