Thursday, 12 May 2016

Basic Roofer Tips: Few Roofing Insulation Fundamentals to Learn

A lot of factors influence how effective a roof is. The insulation on the roof, for one, will determine how efficiently the roofing will serve your domestic needs. When constructing a new home or re-roofing, consider the insulation that roofers will install. Statistics show that about 40% of the energy used up in the home is due to heating and cooling, which heavily depends on the insulation of the roof. When hiring roofers Surrey to install a new roof, consider some of these fundamentals. Why Insulate To understand the importance that roofing insulation works, it helps to know the effects of heating a room with it. When you turn on the heat in a particular space, the warm air rises and replaces the cold air, which settles at the bottom and gets heated, repeating the cycle. If a roof is not insulated, the hot air will rise and get absorbed into the roof and escape outside.

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